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How can I use these samples?

You are free to change, edit, mix, add effects, reverse and use how you like! As long as you do not resell the sample pack. For more information check out the copyright information inside the pack itself.


Where do these samples come from?

These samples were crafted by a small team of producers from Greenpeace’s sound library (which you can find here) which contains audio recorded across different campaigns over many years. This includes Alpine forests, underwater recordings from the Antarctic, the rainforests of Papua New Guinea and the Amazon, Arctic sea ice and lots more.


You’ve put out an open call for music... What kind of music are you looking for?

We only ask that you use these samples in some way in your original track. It can be any style, BPM, language, electronic, acoustic. Get creative!


Will all the tracks be released?

Between a jury of experts and a people’s vote we will decide which tracks make it to the final digital album or the very special, green vinyl edition. For the tracks that don’t make it you will have the freedom to release them yourself or via a label. We will promote the project and the tracks in a series of online events in 2021 so watch this space! You can find out more about the rights and use of the track via our Memorandum of Understanding here or in the sample pack. 


What should I do with my track?

Once you have your track finished please email FUTURE@DJS4CA.COM for submission instructions before February 28th.  


Why is it called the Climate Sample Pack?

We believe that culture and music can play an important role in the climate movement, offering inspiring visions, unity and the opportunity for the music community to come together and get involved. We are looking for inspiring visions of the future, trying to create an opportunity for momentum and change from a time of huge uncertainty.


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